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We have the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive Damp & Timber Specialists service. We have high standards and offer excellent value for money on every job that we complete, always maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction, giving you complete peace of mind at all times.

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Apply Timber Treatment South London to make your premises stylish Roofing Services

Without a doubt, timber is the central component of your home as it provides strength to the complete building. Timber has been used as key home building material for centuries now. Due to its important nature, it needs to be checked and maintained periodically. This helps to avoid any kind of problems that may jeopardize its integrity and strength. Ignoring maintenance of this vital element may cause timber to become fragile and loose its stoutness. This may result in a timber failure, which is a life-threatening state. Timber failure causes ruptures or breaks in the timber that is used for the home’s structural support. In some serious situations, this failure also causes the whole house or a part of it to collapse. Leaving house timber unchecked puts your life at risk and drops the value of house significantly. Whereas a good thorough timber treatment can save you time, money and psychological hassle.

Cost of a Timber Treatment

Timber Treatment in South London is not supposed to be always expensive. If something can be fixed and restored to its original state then why bother spending extra money for a new one. The cost of a Timber Treatment largely depends upon the quality and condition of your timber. Timber problems like voids, splits, joints, improper design and insect attack can be treated within your budget only if they are detected at an earlier stage.

Signs When to get a Timber Treatment

The key to solve this menace is Awareness! Be aware of your home and its surroundings. Take a note for the following signs, these will indicate you how serious timber problem you are facing and how soon you need the timber treatment solution:

  1. Formation of new holes in timber.
  2. Appearance of cracks from one end to the other.
  3. Formation splits across the timber.
  4. Wet Rot forms white to black strands (hyphae), white to black skin (mycellium), mushroom (sporophore), dust (spores), wood shrinkage (cubing) on the timber.
  5. Dry Rot forms off white to silver grey strands, off white to silver Serpula Lacrymans, mushrooms with red rust and off white edges, dust.
  6. Wet Rot damage to structural timber beams (due fungus and moisture).
  7. Insect attack damaging the timber (woodworm, deathwatch beetle).


Timber Treatment by Rock sure building services

We at Rocksure building services have been providing our ingenious solutions across South London and Surrey for years now. We specialize in Building Services and offer high-quality services for Damp Proofing, Renovation, Woodworm Treatment, Timber treatment and many more. Trusted and reliable domain experts carry out our projects and operations. They spot-on identify the root cause of your problems and suggest appropriate solutions. With the help of these trained qualified team members, our delivery results are of high standards and always excel client’s expectations. Our work is documented and detailed.

With our business and confidence growing at fast pace we proudly offer guaranteed work. For your Timber related problem(s), we provide Timber Treatment in South London. We have the skill, knowledge and the technology to deal with it effectively. The combination of expert professionals and latest equipment we give your house the right treatment it deserves for the value of your money. The chemicals and equipments that we use do not have a footprint. This means that after when the job is done, there will not be any clutter, mess or chemical odor/fumes in your home. We use safe and environmental friendly methods, so you can continue to live in your home without any breaks.

Rocksure Building Deals in following Services:

  • Roofing Services
  • Damp Proofing
  • Damp Wall
  • Woodworm Treatment
  • Timber Treatment
  • Wall Repointing
  • Renovation Services
  • Basement Tanking
  • Wall Plastering

We offer our services in and around the following areas:

  • Croydon
  • South East
  • West London
  • Wallington
  • UpperNorwood
  • Dulwich
  • Forrest Hill
  • Streatham
  • Balham Clapham

You can reach us with your inquiry, book an appointment online or request for an estimated quote. We will serve your query to the fullest and with the highest standards.

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About Our Company

Rocksure Buildings has been working in the building industry throughout South London,and surrey for many years. A well-established, family run business that offers a friendly, professional service to all clients. Our team consists of fully trained technicians that come highly recommended.

We are a well-established, family run business that offers a friendly, professional service to all clients. Our team consists of fully trained technicians that come highly recommended. All our damp work is guaranteed for 20 years.

Since being established, the business has grown from strength to strength, ensuring a prompt and professional service, hence, we have developed an outstanding reputation within the local community.

Our aim is to keep our services high and our prices very competitive.


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