Are you tired of finding leaks in roof, black mould, cracks in walls and debris lying on the floor? Do you feel wet or cold while touching walls of your house? The presence and collection of water-traces in the walls cause dampness. Damp walls attract condensation, which leads to wall cracks and mould formation on them. Besides giving an unpleasant look of house, Damp Wall Upper Norwood can potentially affect you and your family’s health i.e. breathing issues like asthma. There are reliable methods available to save your health and house in order to avoid huge future repair investments from this nuisance.


Damp Wall(s) indicators and causes

Presence of (Black) mould patches on wall(s) is one of the basic indicators of damp walls. You may notice fading or chipping away of the wall paint. If you are using wallpaper, it might start to curl due to the presence of the moisture in the wall. This sly problem begins to occur when the moisture/water gathers with-in the wall(s). The potential causes for damp walls are leaks in walls and roof.

There are many dependable solutions for the damp walls and Roof Repairs Upper Norwood but for your situation specific problem, Rocksure building services provides the best solutions.


Damp Wall solutions by Rocksure

Rocksure building services is at the pinnacle in providing damp wall treatment solutions. We have a number of DPCs (Damp Proof Course) for your damp walls problem:

  1. Electro-Osmotic DPC
  2. Chemical DPC
  3. Pressure Grouting DPC
  4. Membrane DPC
  5. Integral DPC
  6. Cavity Wall DPC

We believe every individual’s problem needs to be analysed and deal with exclusively. We aim to provide right solution that best suits your needs. Our team consist of skilled individuals having expertise in dealing with Damp Wall and Roof Repairs Upper Norwood. The team initially examines the condition of your home before applying any treatment. They will guide you every step of the process and provide you their expert honest opinion on the matter. The team shares their observations’ findings, cause(s) of your damp walls and valuable tips; these steps help you to control/minimize any problem in future. Our services come with warranty and references from many satisfied customers.


Rocksure building services has no parallel in providing Damp Wall Upper Norwood treatment. So hurry up! Contact us for your damp wall problem(s) and have a peace of mind you deserve. We offer our services in Wallington, Carshalton, Beddington, Purley, Croydon & all neighbouring vicinities.