Basement Water proofing South London

Have you ever have noticed that your basement gives away a musty/moldy smell; there are cracks or water stains on the basement walls & floor; puddle on floor or in the corners? If so, then you have water infiltrating in your basement. Water in basement causes high humidity, formation of efflorescence (white chalky substance) on walls, condensation and insulation on pipes. To tackle with this grave problem Basement Water Proofing South London ‎process is carried out to stop the external water from flooding your basement.

Causes of Water in Basement

Homes that are built with a basement or are at a lower location, suffer more from basement water problem than others do as their basement is surrounded by mud. When it rains, this mud gets wet and stores water in it. That water builds up high hydrostatic pressure and tries to get pass through the joints of basement walls or floor. Once the external water breaches your basement you will need to act fast and take a pro-active decision. Doing so will help you ending up saving money, time and your home. On the contrary, doing nothing will reduce the home value due to foundation problems and increase the risk of health (respiration) issues for the occupants.

Basement Water Proofing South London by Rocksure building services

Your home is going to be one of your biggest investments. You will not let anything lower its property value and comfort by avoiding something that you can get easily fixed or repair. Cost of investing in house repairs is far less than bearing the loss while selling it. At Rocksure building services, we understand the value of your hard-earned money and amenity. That is why we offer complete reliable Basement Water Proofing South London systems so you can add living space to your basement and utilize it with confidence. Knowing it will never be exposed to ground water again. Our team of experts carefully examines your building structure and recommends suitable water proofing system that suits your needs and budget:

  1. Subfloor System
  2. French Drain System
  3. Footer System
  4. Above Floor System (Dry Trak)
  5. Exterior Waterproofing (Permanent and Long Lasting)
  6. Hydraulic Cement

In every waterproofing system, our skilled experts make sure to maintain the integrity of your home and its finishing. Our goal is to transform your basement from wet moist space to dry, warm and cozy environment that feels more like a part of home.

So do not wait and book a schedule with us online to your convenience. Our team of experts will visit your home and guide you in the right direction. We provide quick, reliable and guaranteed work that is supported by testimonials of our multiple satisfied customers


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