Ensure the longevity of structures with proper damp proofing service

Our reliable damp proofing in South London ensures that no moisture passes through the walls of your buildings. Our focus is to create a strong barrier between moisture and wood or concrete that prevents damp. Rock Sure Building Services assures relief from current and future damp-related problems.

We know that rising damp affects the life of your building. In the case of timber damping, it can lead to worst effects, like decay. Our damp and timber experts are trained and experienced to tackle all damp related problems. The strong workmanship of our experts makes Rocksure Building Services stand out as the best damp proofing service in South London.

Our motto is to serve our customers at a reasonable price. To ensure the company’s reputation as a premier service provider, we believe in accommodating all customers by providing viable solutions to damp problems.We specialise in damp proofing floors, walls and basements. In fact, when it comes to damp proofing, we are serving most structures.

If you are having such problem, you need to repair it quickly. We provide you fast, effective and reliable damp proofing services. Dampness or moisture are arch enemies of buildings. The rising damp can affect the health of floors, buildings and timber. We examine the reason of damp issues, and will give you guidance on the cause of the problem as well as the best solution.

There may be a structural defect, penetrating damp or any other reason. We know how to handle all the causes of damp problems. Rocksure Building Services offers a broad spectrum of treatment options for damp walls, woodworm eradication as well as structural problems.

Our workforce is committed to doing a job well and guarantee the best course of damp proofing for the future as well. We are keen to find out the main reasons behind all damping problems, by sorting out these matters, we assure quality damp proofing.

A prior ineffective damp proof course may also be a reason for existing damp problems. Our craftsmanship and experience of over two decades are the reason to trust Rocksure Building Services, and by exceptional task delivery, we hope to build a strong relationship with our customers.

Our company is always ready to serve you in all situations and conditions. All our efforts work towards permanent resolution towards of all damp related issues. For more information contact us now.