Plastering -External rendering services in the South East and West London

Enhancing or changing the outside walls of a building is certainly probably the most productive way of adding worth to the property, and rendering is among the most affordable means of achieving this. Applying a rendering coat to external walls of buildings is a great way of giving the structure a facelift, particularly if the current exterior is in poor condition, unattractive or a blend of different mismatched materials. The outside walls of any building remain the first thing that any prospective buyer or visitors would see. Consequently, it is crucial to ensure it is appealing and visually welcoming. The external surface can be rendered either by lime coats or cement mixed with natural aggregate for a smooth or textured finish.

But what exactly is rendering?

Rendering is a method of adding a long-lasting and shielding wall covering to the outer wall surface of a building, which can be achieved either by machine or manually. Owing to the diverse nature of building materials utilized in constructing houses, several different render materials can be employed for various effects.

Why external rendering?

External rendering has quite a number of purposes, but the major one being that of weather protection (for instance, enhancing wall resistant to rainfall penetration), which is vital in stopping damp as well as other related issues. Rendering can cover cheap or unequal brickwork on any properties, and produce a smooth finish on contemporary homes. Using cement and sand render offers safety to the outer wall surface of the building. And when merged with a weather resistant coating or paint, the rendered wall can also be decorative. Render is effective with brickwork or timber cladding, to add architectural attention and can be harmonized with external insulation to heat up a draughty home.

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How Rock sure building services can help?

Company name offers professional external rendering services in the South East and West London and their environments - both for residential and commercial buildings. With our vast experience in the business, we have gotten a high level of proficiency with all rendering types, including acrylic renders, lime render, sand, and cement mortar render along with the most recent colored rendering.

We are confident in saying that we can offer our customers an unbeatable service. And that is why the majority of the external rendering services in the South East and West London and their surrounding areas that we carried out were gotten through referrals from customers who are pleased with our services and are happy to recommend us.

Our expert skills and keen workmanship guarantees that we maintain an unequaled service level for customers in South East and West London and their surrounding areas. From rendering a small part of the outside of your building to rendering the entire structure, each job is handled with an equal level of expertise.

With our rendering service, we can transform the outside of your building by making use of different colors and finishes. We will utilize top-quality renders that are polymer-modified to offer exceptional adhesion qualities such as GRC render (Glass Fibre Reinforced). The integration of an alkali-resistant mesh can as well further contribute to the strength of the render and boost crack resistance.

Before each job is carried out, we will discuss the job and ensure you are happy with your choice of styles and colors. Likewise, we can provide you with our own opinion on what we feel will look best. At Rock sure building services, we guarantee that the repairs will naturally blend in and you will not be able to trace if anything was ever wrong with your building in the first place!

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Areas we cover

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