Are you tired of your roof problems? Do you get high home energy bills? Do you see the interior paint of your house is peeling away? The culprits for these problems could be the leaks, cracks present in your roof. They let your homes’ heating or cooling to escape outside and allow the harsh weather to ingress inside. This ultimately leads to deterioration of home’s interior wall paint job, more energy consumption and excessive energy costs. Roof Repair Services South London can be inexpensive if caught and dealt with early on.

Symptoms for Roof Repairing

How would you know if your roof is in need for a repair? Observe after rain if the cracks in your roof leak rainwater. This is one of the definite sign that your roof needs a repair. Homes that have attic might suffer from blistering and peeling of paint due to high humidity. That is an indication that there is lack of proper ventilation, which is vital in the roofing system. From outside if you observe missing, cracked or curled shingles, it implies the end of their useful life. An average life span of roof is 10 to 50 years depending upon its type and material used. However, weather, type of roof color and roof orientation can accelerate roof damage and thus shorten its life span. Factors like dark paint color on roof and low pitch cause some roofs to damage more quickly. These roofs attract more heat or have less angel of slop for snow and water to run down. Such detailed and careful analysis of your roof problem will save you a fortune.  If you paint over a hasty and improper roof repair job, the problem will reappear soon and eventually you will be spending more money on a roof repair than you should.

Roof Repair Services South London by Rocksure building services

At Rocksure building service, we place our client’s satisfaction at priority. Our team of trained professional observes your roof problems and recommends you the best solution depending upon your roof structure, material and budget. We diagnose the root cause of the problem whether its shingle decay, cracks in roof or an improper ventilation system. With a range of roof repair techniques under our belt, we deal with slate roof repair, tiled roof repair, flat roof repair, cracked flashings, ice dam buildups, clogged gutters and cracked chimneys. Depending on your roof repair dilemma, we have the right solution for it, like:

  1. Ashpalt/Tar Paper waterproofing
  2. Heat Cable installation
  3. Roof Flashing (Tape or Metallic)
  4. Ridge Ventilation
  5. Shingle/Tile Replacement

Once the roof repair job begins, our skilled professionals bring in our state of the art equipment to fix your roof problem(s). Once the Roof Repair Services South London is completed, our responsible team cleans up any leftover debris lying on your property and leaves your home as beautiful and comfortable it was. Rocksure building services touts on level of commitment and services as we offer guaranteed roof repair services. We are your friendly neighborhood experts and finest in what we do. You can schedule an appointment whenever it suits you and contact us without hesitation, our team of experts will visit you at your home and guide you explicitly.

We are the Roofing Experts

Specialising in all aspects of flat roofs and pitched roofs, we also can undertake projects involving lead roofing, gutter guards, roof windows and skylights, concrete and clay tiles and high performance felt. Work includes complete replacements and remedial roofing repair work. No job is too big or too small.

Customers include domestic and commercial, including local authorities and the public sector. Although we’re based in Thornton Heath, we serve Bromley, Beckenham, Kent, London and the surrounding areas.

It is imperative you fix any roof damage as soon as possible, and we endeavour to fix the problem first time to avoid the same problem rearing its head again. We cover structural damage as well as chimneys, guttering and much more

Roof Inspections

The key to avoiding major roof damage is early detection, and with roof inspections from Rocksure Buildings Roofing you can be assured that we will find any problems or potential issues. Our wealth of experience means that we have seen it all, no matter whether you have a commercial or residential property you could benefit from our specialist roof surveys. This is also a good service to use when considering purchasing a property, revealing any hidden problems with the roof.

To arrange a free roof survey or to discuss any roof repairs you need then call us today. Our friendly advisors will help you choose the right service for you in South East and South West London and Surrey, local areas of Thornton Heath, Carlshalton, Banstead, Purley, Croydon, Kenley, Coulsdon, Sanderstead, West Wickham, Beckenham, Catford, Bromley, Forrest Hill, Dulwich.