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Mould on a wall that needs damp proofing
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Man investigating rising damp

Are you noticing signs of damp in your property? 

There are many ways in which damp can show its head and if not treated effectively can cause extensive damage to your property and decrease its value. If any of the following becomes apparent within your home, it's time to call our team:

  • A wet, musty smell

  • Staining on woodwork

  • Wet patches on walls

  • Black speckling on walls

  • Cold floors and walls

  • Detached wallpaper

  • Discoloured wallpaper

  • Mould and algae on external walls



Your local damp proof specialists. Affordable damp proofing London locals can trust

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damp inside a house causing damage


Rising damp tends to be a feature of older properties and involves the rising up of groundwater through both the walls and floors of a property. The appearance of tide marks is a good indicator of a problem. Left unchecked, it can compromise the structural integrity of your property.


The solution is a course of damp proofing by a professional damp proofing team. RBS - Damp Proofing are specialists in this area and can provide a treatment that will keep your property safe for a number of years.


Penetrating damp involves the penetration of moisture via the walls of a property. It typically forms after a bout of rainfall and shows up as wet patches on the surface of your property's walls.


What we do at RBS - Damp Proofing, is inspect your property, identify how the water is accessing it and then proceed to seal these routes. We even go one step further and apply a water repellent coating to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Protect your home from rising damp and penetrating damp, now

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Woodworm being treated


Condensation is the most common form of damp and involves the transformation of water vapour into droplets upon contact with a cool surface. Like other forms of damp, it can pose a considerable risk to your property if it's not treated.

The solution is the effective installation of both ventilation and insulation systems. With 2 decades in the industry, we have the equipment and the skill set to carry out the work you need to protect your property.


Water destruction is costly, but it doesn’t always take the form of a burst pipe or raised flooring. In most cases, it accrues over time. This is where RBS steps in and takes action. We inspect your property top to bottom to identify damage and locate the source of encroaching water. We then repair the problems and stop the deterioration before it escalates. Our professional damp proofing team ensure that groundwater won’t seep in to erode your foundations — meaning your home can keep itself whole and undamaged for years to come. We also look at how rain or snow might be working its way through your walls and penetrating unexpected areas of your home. Finally, we put a stop to issues of poor ventilation that may be causing water vapour droplets to condense, collect and invite the mould or decay that sabotages surfaces and interiors.

Address condensation issues now to protect your property

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"We were in search of a trustworthy damp proofing company in London to fix our complicated damp issues. Pretty soon we got to know about RBS Damp Proofing and their damp proofing services through my colleague. Within no time, they got started with a detailed inspection of the home to diagnose the damp issue accurately and handled everything professionally. Thanks for giving back a dry and healthy home! I highly recommend damp proofing solutions of RBS Damp Proofing to everyone!"


RBS Damp Proofing van and worker.


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